This is a continuing series of hand picked rides we believe to be above average in every way. We are a small operation and stretch as we might, for the most part we tend to ride close to home. With every intention of casting a larger net we pleasantly ask that you write in with your suggestions from your hometowns, for us to use in this column. What ride do you think is worthy of the title ``Ride Of The Month``? You can either write up a trip report using our sample guidelines in the My Favorite Ride section or just send us an email with a simple description of your suggestion. If we like the idea enough we will come out to ride it ourselves, document the trip, and write up the column. If you write up a trip report using our guidelines, and it is not chosen for the “Ride Of The Month``, we can always include your report in the “Your Favorite Rides” section for everyone to see.